A passion turned into art

A factory of luxurious dreams

Atelier Zanasi is the heart and soul of Motor Valley, a place where passion, creativity and automotive design is combined with innovative materials and engineering excellence. We have a long tradition in customising refined interiors and taking care of the tiniest details, making Atelier Zanasi the ideal partner for unique and exclusive projects.

The headquarters is a veritable craft workshop, bright and welcoming, where you can get a real feel for the creative process, admiring the expertise of our craftsmen at work, transforming the interiors of vehicles into customised spaces. The result for the customer is a unique and compelling experience, a sense of refinement and well-being.

About us

Established in Maranello in 2018 from the passion and dreams of Marco Zanasi and Luca Lenzi, Atelier Zanasi is now a market leader in the customisation and restoration of interiors in the automotive sector.


Located 200 metres from Ferrari’s Maranello workshops, in the beating heart of the Motor Valley, the headquarters of Atelier Zanasi is a place where creativity, design and a passion for motors is combined with innovative materials and automotive engineering perfection.