Boats and yachts

Innovative design, customisation and comfort: sailing in style.

Sailing to new destinations in the utmost comfort and style. We are able to shape tailor-made solutions, creating spaces that reflect our clients’ passion for the sea.

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Highest quality standards

The boating sector is a world that raises unique challenges, using specific materials that require an in-depth knowledge and specialised manufacturing.

Our craftsmen are able to customise the interiors of craft with high quality leathers and materials, applying the same precision and attention to detail that we put into the automotive sector.

We are constantly looking for innovative materials to combine with carbon alloys and woods for both the interiors and exteriors. We thus make components for craft and offer a level of customisation that goes beyond what is currently available in the boating market. To attain the highest quality standards, we work in concert with specialised design architects. Their support is essential for creating the best possible interiors, combining the latest trends in terms of aesthetics, functionality and comfort with a unique and personalised design.