Planes and helicopters

Craftsmanship and aeronautical engineering perfection.

Our expert craftsmen work with the highest quality materials to create elegant and functional environments: from the cockpit to the passenger cabin, we transform the interiors of helicopters and private planes into spaces that can be enjoyed and lived in the utmost comfort.

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Safety design

The choice of materials is fundamental for air transport, with every single element requiring ad hoc certification and detailed technical properties that can meet strict safety and quality standards.

Our master craftsmen specialise in creating custom interiors with fine leathers and fabrics, tested (to ensure maximum compliance) and customised according to the customer’s requests. We also use a team of expert and certified assemblers to assemble and disassemble components, guaranteeing high-level technical support at every stage of the process. Not just safety. We create luxury living areas that offer a unique, pleasant and comfortable travel experience.