Social media privacy policy


This Social Media Policy has been drafted and customised specifically for the website owned by Atelier Zanasi S.r.l. with registered office in Via Castellotti, 98 – 41053 Maranello (MO), VAT number 03829840366, certified email in order to involve more and more people in communication activities for dissemination, information and commercial purposes. Atelier Zanasi S.r.l. is present on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube, informing and dialoguing with users regarding the main activities, projects, initiatives and events promoted by the company. These may also include press releases and publications.


Atelier Zanasi S.r.l. uses websites and social media platforms (hereinafter Social Media) for general interest ends and to communicate with users through the network, giving access to the services provided and promoting its events. Social Media pages and channels are also used by the Company to encourage participation, discussion and dialogue with users with a view to transparency and sharing.

How to manage company accounts

Social Media activities are managed and organised exclusively by Atelier Zanasi S.r.l. through specific directives and operating instructions issued to ad hoc personnel; individual initiatives of users or collaborators are not allowed. Ad hoc personnel record and manage all the social profiles of Atelier Zanasi S.r.l. under the instruction of the Company acting as Data Controller, pursuant to art. 4 of Reg. EU 679/2016.

Production and publication of content

On its social media channels Atelier Zanasi S.r.l. promotes written, photographic and video content, which must comply with the following criteria:

  • news can be disseminated on social media platforms relating to products, projects, events and services offered by Atelier Zanasi S.r.l. only if they are of actual use to users;
  • it is possible to publish current news, whose social media content – texts and/or images – can represent the event in real time (e.g. a congress, press conference, etc.) or the recent staging of an event;
  • the content published must contain a link to the page of the company’s website, to which the user may go for further information on the content.

Content relating to information that gives added value to the Company’s assets and its commitment to the relevant product sector is also allowed.

Storage times and methods

We recommend the processing of Atelier Zanasi S.r.l. content according to the methods of the social network used (retweets, likes, etc.) and a considered participation in social media conversation. Requests for information not relevant to the message disseminated, reports and complaints, including those received through private messages conveyed through the ad hoc messaging systems of the various social networks, must be forwarded immediately to the PEC address

Anyone authorised to post on social media must avoid arguing, and never react to provocations.

Language and style

The language must be adapted to the style of the social network used. By way of example, please note that on LinkedIn the language is more formal and institutional, while on Facebook the style is more informal, without losing any of our company’s authority in terms of organisation, management and product quality. The rules for the web editing of any other text remain the same: write in a correct Italian, write only certain and verified facts, do not disrespect people and/or companies (public or private), groups or categories of people and institutions. Finally, the rules concerning good manners must always be respected.

Use of personal accounts

With regard to the configuration, use and management of their private accounts on social media, Atelier Zanasi S.r.l. personnel are required to comply with certain rules of conduct, aimed at protecting the company and the people who work there. The employee who chooses to disclose his/her work activity is required to specify in the personal biographical information that the opinions expressed are personal, and are in no way a liability for the company. Staff may freely share on their private profiles the content disseminated on the social media channels of Atelier Zanasi S.r.l., namely information on services, initiatives, projects, videos, images and/or infographics. The dissemination on your private profile of content or events relating to Atelier Zanasi S.r.l. not previously reported on official social (media) channels or not present on the company’s website or another institutional website is to be avoided. Personnel are also required to behave in public in a manner that is respectful of the organisation they work for.

External social media policy

These rules are aimed at users who interact with Atelier Zanasi S.r.l.’s social media channels.

All subjects are responsible for the messages they send. It is forbidden to engage in inappropriate conduct that leads to the use of vulgar, offensive and defamatory language against people and their ideas.

Comments that are contrary to public decency, sexual discrimination and incitement to racial, political or religious hatred are not tolerated.

All users are required to comply with copyright rules; the unauthorised use of registered trademarks is not allowed. It is forbidden to insert comments in crossposting (the same text in multiple discussions), spam and self-promotional messages, messages of a commercial nature, trolling (repeated insertion of content of any nature) and offtopic comments.

The Administration reserves the right to block users who engage in repeated misconduct and to delete comments at odds with the Netiquette.


The processing of users’ personal data on social media platforms is governed by the terms of service that each user accepts when registering on the various platforms used. Institutional accounts are managed in compliance with Reg. EU 679/2016 and Privacy Code, Legislative Decree 196/2003 as amended by Legislative Decree 101/2018.